Saturday, March 7, 2009

"making decision"

Please decide ur path precisely, otherwise u will regret and feel very painfully. But for me i realize that by taking this course, i feel relief and fortunate because there is a reason why i got this course..not the medical course that i have dream it so much when i was child...i still remember when i was in primary school, my teacher ask their student what do you want to be in your life,,,and ask who in this class have the aims to be a doctor one day...with confidently i raise my hand and says to my heart i want to be a doctor.....i ask my heart again why u want to be a doctor?... still now i doesn't know the answer..just only to give my parents and also my family happy and proud with me....not because of my own sake....then i realize that...when we want to make a decision we must think about ourself first not others...i know we also must think about our family hope but listen, actually u are the person who will got affected for what ur decision making...just think about that...i am the person who always hard to make a decision.....i'm always look at others decision first,...sometimes i feel that why i must follow others decision...Our Lord give us mind to think....think carefully before u do something, decide ur path wisely, u must know what are the direction u want to choose..what are u want to be in 10 years then...always pray for Allah to give us blessing in our decision n then tawakkal to Allah...

InsyaAllah, i will try so hard to make my dream comes true, my life must go on although we will face difficulties....but actually this difficulties are the things that makes me fresh, awake, try to stand still...just only hope that i can give, just only depends on Allah not with others....



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